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No Knead Bread

I’m on a bread kick. I can’t help it. Nothing’s better than home baked bread. We haven’t bought a loaf of bread from the store in weeks. I’ve made Beer Bread, White bread, Garlic Bread Sticks, Hawaiian Honey Bread, rolls, Chocolate Swirl Bread. And others that I never thought to take pictures of before I […]

Chocolate Covered…..Everything

You know my motto, Chocolate makes everything better! And it does! And you can put it on practically everything. Well maybe not spinach or peas, but you know what I mean. And it’s so easy to do, and fun, and it’ll impress your friends. The easiest way I’ve found to cover almost everything is using […]

Chocolate Donuts

The other day I was talking with my friend, Jimmy, and he mentioned making some chocolate donuts. He said they were Tim Horton Donuts. It turns out Tim Horton is known in Canada for Donuts, or something along those lines. My friend was in Florida, and I’m in Georgia but he just couldn’t say enough […]

Hawaiian Honey Bread and Red Star Yeast

I love to bake bread. And I love getting things for free. A few weeks back, on Facebook, Red Star Yeast had a post about a free yeast giveaway. All I had to do was Like them, which I already did and share their post about the giveaway. So Blah, blah, blah, about a week later I […]

Olive Garden Bread sticks

So it’s finally cool enough to have soup again, yay! Here in Georgia we seem to have really long summers. It starts getting warm in March, then by June we are complaining about the heat. In July we are complaining about the heat and the electric bill. By August we are so done with summer. […]

Candy Corn Cupcakes

I have to tell you, I had fun making these. I wanted to to get into the Halloween spirit with everyone else (and not just by eating as much chocolate as I can).And I tried to make these Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bugles You can go visit Cookies and Cups and see what they are supposed to look […]

Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownie Bars

Busy weekend, son’s birthday on Saturday, Hubby’s birthday on Sunday….. And neither one wanted a cake! What’s wrong with them? Isn’t the whole reason for acknowledging birthdays just an excuse to eat cake? Must be something missing in the male DNA That’s ok, I’ll make it work to my advantage, they can’t stop me, it’s […]

Garlic Knots and Forgotten Cookies

Store bought rolls are so boring, and making bread is actually very easy.  Love finding new recipes to try out on the family and this one was definitely a hit!  These went well with the Hot and Hearty Cottage Pie I found over at Man Cave Cuisine. Garlic Knots2 tablespoons olive oil              30 mL2 […]

Chocolate Swirl Loaf

Chocolate Swirl Loaf is perfect for a cold day. Slice it hot and top with melted butter for an amazingly delicious treat. I couldn’t wait to get in the kitchen and share something delicious! It was Monday and as my kids are on a four day school week, I needed to make sure one or […]

Pineapple Casserole

We love pineapple in my house, fresh, canned, in cake, anyway we can get it. But our absolute favorite is in this casserole. And it so easy. And with the holidays coming up, it goes perfect with ham. In fact we look for reasons to have ham or pork just so we can have this […]

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies-a Christmas Tradition. This recipe is a special one. It’s just a simple sugar cookie, made with lots of love. What makes it special is it come’s from a book Grandma’s Christmas Cookies: A Cookie Cutter Storybook. It’s a sweet book reminding us the true reason for the season. We’ve had our copy […]

Pear Butter Spice Muffins

A few months ago, a dear friend gave me a bunch of pears. We turned them into Pear Sauce and Pear Butter. Well you can only eat so much pear butter on toast or fresh bread. Imagine how excited I was to find this recipe over at Pattitudes. Apple Butter Spice Muffins! Pear Butter and Apple […]

Breakfast Tartlets

I love quiche. But the problem with quiche is you make a large pie (quiche) and everyone has to eat what you put in it. And in my house, someone’s not going to be happy. I don’t want sausage, or I don’t want tomato, or onion, green pepper, blah, blah, blah. I’d call them all whiners but I […]

Smoothies, Milkshakes and a great tip!

Smoothies,  milk shakes,  they are all yum! Throw some ingredients in a blender,  push the magic button,  and in just a minute or two, Deliciousness in a glass!  This post is really about the tip, My daughter found this on the internet, somewhere, and came and told me about it. Well, I just had to try it […]

Chocolate Brownie Peanut Butter Bars

Chocolate Brownie Peanut Butter Bars-for serious chocolate and peanut butter lovers! I totally stole this recipe. It’s not mine. It came from Anne Thornton on Dessert First. I’m a huge fan of my DVR. I can watch programs on my schedule, fast forward through commercials and search for new programs. That’s how I found Anne. I was looking for something […]

Jello Sugar Cookies

Jello Sugar Cookies-the possibilities are endless! I love playing with jello. Not the jiggly, see though stuff that you set up in the fridge. I’m talking about the stuff in the package, before you turn it into jiggly color. Honestly, I think the last time I even ate jello in the form the makers intended […]

Chocolate Chip Brioche

Rich, buttery sweet bread with chocolate chips makes an amazing breakfast treat or dessert! Chocolate Chip Brioche is not a quick recipe but it’s a great one to make with kids who like to get their hands “dirty” in the kitchen. I love summer for bread baking. Why? Because the Texas heat makes everything rise […]

Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Chip Scones are perfect with your morning coffee, as a light afternoon snack or to finish off your evening. When Cassie and I first started documenting our baking adventures in the kitchen, we let some people know we were looking for some family favorites to try out. I have a few recipes from my Grandma, my […]

Marble Pound Cake

This marble pound cake is a great recipe to have in your back pocket. Use it as a building block to other desserts, or serve it all on its own. You get your chocolate and vanilla too! What is better than pound cake? Chocolate pound cake. Or in this case, a marble pound cake. Get […]

Cream Cheese Squares

Cream Cheese Squares-The flavor of a cheesecake, but in a bar and with a yummy crumb topping! I love Cheesecake but the family is just so-so with it. They’ll eat it if I make it, but only because it’s the only sugar offered. And I’ll be fair, I love a slice of cheesecake, But two […]

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