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15 Holiday Pies

With the holidays quickly approaching, these 15 holiday pies are perfect to share with family and friends.  Hi there, it’s Hayley with a special holiday roundup! When I think of the holidays, one of the first things that comes to mind (besides spending time with family) is pies. You may be more of a cake […]

Strawberry Hand Pies

Strawberry Hand Pies-so simple to make and tasty to eat! We’re in full swing with strawberries here in Georgia. We went picking last weekend and got 5 buckets full of strawberries. I froze some, made smoothies, made syrup (post on that coming soon.) It’s been a week now and I need to do something with […]

Fried Lemon Pies

Fried Lemon Pies-just like you remember from childhood! As a kid, I wouldn’t touch fruit in a dessert. I had a strict policy on fruit and sugary goodness going together. They just didn’t in my book. Lemon was the exception. I never considered lemons a real fruit. You make lemonade with it after all. I’ve […]

Pie Crust Cookies

Pie Crust Cookies, when your pie crust recipe is so good it doesn’t need filling! So I made my Lemon Curd. What to do with it. Yes, you can eat it right off the spoon but I really wanted a light cookie to have it on. I’d seen these Pie Crust Cookies from Big Red […]

Pecan Pie Bars

Pecan Pie Bars have rich flavor of pecan pie without the mess. They’re perfect with a cup of coffee at home or to take to a party at work. I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we did. I even brined my turkey for the very first time! Why have I never […]

Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper Pie-Chocolate Cookies, Andes Mint Candies and Creme de Menthe Combine to make this delightful frozen treat. This is one of my daughter’s favorite desserts. When she saw I was making it, she asked if I was making it for her birthday (not for a month still.) She always asks for this for her birthday […]

Apple Pie Danish

Apple Pie Danish-fast and easy to assemble, perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert! I’m loving Apple week! I told you Apples are my absolute favorite fruit. I’m almost ashamed to make this week seem like a chore to have to make scrumptious treats with apples. It’s not. No way, not in any shape or form. […]

Milk Chocolate and Toffee Fudge Pie

This Milk Chocolate and Toffee Fudge Pie is a simple but decadent dessert perfect for any occasion! Hi Y’all! I’m Milisa from Miss in the Kitchen and I am super excited to share this delicious pie recipe with you today! It doesn’t get any easier than a no bake dessert, making this perfect for after […]

Key Lime Tartlets

These Key Lime Tartlets are easy to prepare and so refreshing. Pair with some iced-tea for a great summer dessert. March 14 3/14 3-14 It’s been labeled Pi Day.  π Well, mathematicians are calling it Pi day. You know that number, represented by the cute symbol, that never ends, that they wanted you to memorize in school […]

Chocolate Mousse Pie

Chocolate Mousse Pipe-from my Grandmother’s recipe box Remember I told you how my Grandma used to serve either Pumpkin Pie or Mincemeat Pie for Thanksgiving and I always went without dessert here? It’s why I never had pumpkin until this cake. Well when my grandma finally figured out she couldn’t change me, she started making […]

Strawberry Round up-25 Strawberry Recipes

I love strawberry season, plump, fresh, juicy strawberries. Nothing is better than hand picking them. As long as my children have been able to walk we’ve been going to our Favorite U-pick and gathering only the best strawberries. We’ve been picking 4 times already this season and hope to go again next weekend. In the […]

Brandy Alexander Pie

A walnut biscoff crust filled with chocolate brandy mousse make this Brandy Alexander pie a sure hit for the holidays. This week has been pretty crazy. I made it my policy some time ago not to watch election results on election night. Once you’ve voted, there’s nothing you can do about the outcome. People have […]

Easy Brownie Pie

Easy Brownie Pie-taking brownies to the next level and creating an easy dessert-a flaky pie crust surrounds a rich brownie with a thin crust on top and in the middle a gooey, fudgy delight! This time of year seems to be all about pies. Pumpkin Pies, Apple Pies. Pie is always present at holiday gatherings. […]

Peach Praline Skillet Pie

Creamy custard, sweet peaches and crunchy praline combine for a taste of heaven. Baking in a cast iron skillet gives Peach Praline Skillet Pie an extra flaky crust. When I was a kid growing up in Delaware, we lived in a neighborhood with no fences. Kids cut through yards to get to their friends’ houses […]

Apple Crumb Pie

Apple Crumb Pie – flaky crust, tangy apples and mounds of sweet crumb topping. Perfect for your fall table or any time you have some fresh apples! This is one of the recipes Joan left for us. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. She loved cooking a feast for her family and having that special time […]

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Gooey Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars-your favorite pecan pie loaded with semi-sweet chocolate and made into a bar for easy eating! Do you make pecan pie every year? Do you ever feel the need to change things up but know that if you do, you might never be forgiven? Some things are just tradition. You have […]

Dark Chocolate Cream Pie

Dark Chocolate Cream Pie-don’t let the lighter color fool you, this pie has all the rich flavor of dark chocolate in a creamy, cool pie! I have the most amazing readers/fans/followers/friends! And yes I do consider you all my friends. We share stories, we share laughter, we may even share a tear or two. You […]

Cranberry Chocolate Pecan Pie

Cranberries and chocolate transform traditional pecan pie into something special. Cranberry Chocolate Pecan Pie goes together in minutes and is the perfect dessert for your holiday table. Cape Cod Select sent me some of their cranberries as part of a baking contest. I thought cranberries were all the same until I saw these. They are […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pie

Peanut butter and bananas go so well together. Add rich chocolate pudding and meringue and you’ve got chocolate peanut butter banana pie. When I was a kid we used to eat bananas and peanut butter as a healthy snack. Then as a teenager I discovered frozen bananas covered in chocolate. So when I was thinking […]

Easy Peanut Butter Pie

A creamy peanut butter pie filling is nestled in an Oreo crust and topped with a dark chocolate whipped cream. Hey guys! Jessica from Sprinkle Some Sugar here. Ohhhh man, you guys. Have I got a treat for you today! I just love easy recipes for when I’m in a pinch and need a quick recipe. […]

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