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Porridge Cookies

Porridge cookies are a tasty way to use left over porridge or oatmeal. They go great with a cuppa tea. Jen here — Happy St. Patricks Day! In honor of the day dedicated to the Irish, I want to tell you about one of my favorite tasty weekend treats from those small islands across the […]

Maple Glazed Oatmeal Cookies

Maple Glazed Oatmeal Cookies-these taste just like the glazed oatmeal cookies you buy in the store, only better! Do you ever have a bad baking day?  I had one of those the other day. It was Bad. But with a happy ending. We (my youngest and I) have been baking cookies every week for her […]

Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Apple Oatmeal Cookies I have to tell you, I was excited when I saw this recipe. But not because it was a cookie recipe, or because it has oatmeal or apples (my favorite fruit) in it. But because I saw a way to sneak fruit into my daughter’s food. I have 3 children. My son […]

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Lemon Sugar Cookies We’re not even half way through summer vacation and I’ve heard the words “I’m bored” so many times already. We go to the library every week and get books. We go walking in the park. We do crafts. And we still have our vacation to take in 2 weeks. But they can’t […]

Chocolate Springerle Cookies

Chocolate Springerle Cookies can be made with traditional wooden molds, cookie stamps or beautiful rolling pins from InMyWood. Enter to win one of their beautiful rolling pins to make your own printed cookies! For those of you who want to order your own use the code “chocolate” for 10% off! Texas has lots of German […]

Double Chocolate Nutella Cookies

Double Chocolate Nutella Cookies-make these crisp chocolatey cookies with your favorite chocolate spread! As with most of my baking, I usually have no idea what I want to make until I open up my cabinets and see what ingredients jump out at me. Nutella is one of those things, you either love or hate. There’s […]

Kitchen Sink Cookies

Kitchen Sink Cookies-a crisp cookie filled with oatmeal, coconut, pecans, crushed cereal, chocolate and anything else you have in your baking cabinet! If you are anything like me, your baking cabinets are stuffed to overflowing. You find a great sale on chocolate chips, you buy 5 bags. And you have every flavor imaginable. Dark chocolate, […]

Crisp Almond Cookies

Crisp Almond Cookies-a thin crisp cookie full of almond flavor I do some of my best baking late at night. Everyone is in bed, there’s nothing on TV to watch. I’ve thrown a load of laundry in the washer. So now I need to stay close so those clothes can be put in the dryer […]

Brownie Cookies

Brownie Cookies, the great taste of a brownie with the convenience of a cookie Do you ever get a craving for something? And just really want it? Today? I love brownies but I really like the convenience of a cookie. Ok, I’ll be honest, I feel guilty when I take 2 brownies and scarf them down with […]

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Triple Chocolate Cookies-Cocoa Powder, Semi-sweet Chocolate and Milk Chocolate team up making these cookies irresistibly Chocolatey! Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside! #OXOGoodCookies When I think of Cookies, I think comfort food. Warm kitchens, delicious smells wafting through the house, and hugs from mom. I think of family time together. Sitting around the kitchen […]

Iced Oatmeal Cake Cookies

Iced Oatmeal Cake Cookies-A soft cake like cookie drizzled with a sweet icing There is nothing better than homemade cookies with a glass of cold milk to put life back in perspective. Take my kids as an example. They can come home after school, full of excitement over something great that’s happened. Or upset over […]

Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies-full of malt flavor, these cookies are thin, soft and chewy. So I painted my kitchen, dining, and living rooms. I promise I’ll share photos soon. But I also discovered while moving everything around, that I have a mouse. Or Mice. So far, we’ve caught 2 of them. I hope that’s all […]

Overnight Chocolate Chip Cookies

Overnight Chocolate Chip Cookies-letting the dough age does make a difference! I’m a big one for planning ahead. Sometimes. Maybe it’s more about being efficient. Either way, when I do something, I make sure I don’t have to do it again in the next few days. I’m constantly making cookies. In a house with three […]

Cookies and Cream Cookies

Cookies and Cream Cookies, made with both Oreos and Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bars!  Maybe I should call these rainy day cookies. We had a ton of rain just a week ago. Now it’s going to rain all weekend, again. The rivers and creeks are flooding. Luckily we live on the top of the […]

Hunter’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Warm from the oven Hunter’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with just a hint of spice always make for a sweet treat after school or for dessert! Chocolate chip cookies are one of my all-time favorite sweet treats, and a basic recipe is as easy to find as the back of a bag of chocolate chips. But […]

Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies

Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies-the addition of sea salt sprinkled on top of a dark chocolate cookie makes them irresistible! Do you love the taste of Oreos? I love to bake cookies but Oreos are still and probably always will be….my downfall.The original Oreo, the Chocolate cookie with the white cream inside. I like the golden […]

Frosted Lemon Cookies

With lemon in both the cookie and the frosting, these thin Frosted Lemon Cookies are perfect for any occasion. To me, nothing says spring like lemon. Maybe it’s the appearance of all the fresh fruit in the grocery stores. Maybe it’s the smell of lemon from spring cleaning. Or maybe it’s just the pretty yellow […]

Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

These soft and chewy Sprinkle Sugar Cookies are simple to make and always a hit. A good sugar cookie is hard to come by, but these are here to stay.  Hey y’all, it’s been a little while since I dropped in, but I definitely haven’t forgotten about you! I have been working like mad to finish […]

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies-so simple yet so good! Sometimes you just get in a mood. You want something. Something to nibble on. You look through all the cabinets. Nothing looks good. You stand in front of the refrigerator, with the door open. Letting all the cold air out, for at least 5 minutes. Still, nothing. So […]

Chewy Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

You won’t be able to stop with just one of these Chewy Oatmeal Coconut Cookies! Sometimes we forget, it’s ok to not be perfect. When we share our photos on social media, we always want to share the pretty side. No one wants to see my messy kitchen, with flour all over the counter, dishes […]

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