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An Award!

You know those days, when everything is so busy, you might for get to breathe is it wasn’t automatic, just so much going on, in my mind and in the real world? Yesterday was one of those days, nothing bad or anything, just going in 30 different directions.Then I see an e-mail, Lesa has left […]

Sunshine Award

Did you ever notice whether it’s a party or just two people getting together for coffee, everyone gathers in the kitchen? That’s probably why “foodies” are some of the nicest people you’ll ever come in contact with. Food brings us together, at home, at work, and even through the internet. I was truly honored to […]

Thursday’s Treasures Link Party

  So sorry I’m late, was at my son’s JROTC awards, Isn’t he handsome, and he got a BIG promotion to Academic Captain! So lets get right to the party, Here are the features from Last week   Glazed Butter Pecan Toffee Cookies from Couponing and Cooking Edamame Quinoa Salad from Real Housemoms Citrus Coconut […]

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Triple Chocolate Cookies-Cocoa Powder, Semi-sweet Chocolate and Milk Chocolate team up making these cookies irresistibly Chocolatey! Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside! #OXOGoodCookies When I think of Cookies, I think comfort food. Warm kitchens, delicious smells wafting through the house, and hugs from mom. I think of family time together. Sitting around the kitchen […]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Enjoy using Homemade Vanilla in all your favorite recipes for a rich vanilla taste. Also makes a wonderful gift! About a month ago, I saw this post from Cheryl-Tidymom about making Homemade vanilla. It reminded me that I’ve always been meaning to do this. I immediately went online and Ordered my Beans. Then I went to […]

Care Packages-what to send and how to pack them

It’s the time of year when we send care packages to loved ones. This care package went all the way to Afghanistan. To my son-in-law. Since I’d never shipped overseas before and according to the post office it would take 5-10 days for it to arrive, I had to choose items I knew could stand the […]

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